Upgrade Materia Medicae „eL“ 0>700 Bände (english)


Upgrade Materia Medicae „eL“ 0>700 Bände (english)

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Allen, Henry Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons 1
Allen, Henry The Materia Medica of some important Nosodes 1
Allen, Henry The Therapy of intermittent Fever 1
Allen, John The chronic Miasms, Psora 1
Allen, Timothy Encyclopedia of pure Materia Medica [Vol. 1-10] 10
Allen, Timothy Handbook of Materia Medica and homeopathic Therapeutics 1
Allen, Timothy Primer of Materia Medica 1
Anonymous Author The Poultry Doctor 1
Anshutz, Edward New, old and forgotten Remedies [2nd Ed.] 1
Anshutz, Edward Sexual Ills & Diseases [2nd Ed.] 1
Arndt, H.R. First Lessons in the symptomatology of leading Homeopathic Remedies 1
Bähr, Bernhard The Science of Therapeutics, according to the Principles of Homoeopathy [Vol. I+II] 2
Banerjee, Prosad Chronic Disease: Its Causes and Cure 1
Banerjee, Prosad Materia Medica of indian Drugs 1
Bedayn, Greg Corvus Corax 1
Bell, James The homeopathic therapeutics of Diarrhea [3rd Ed.] 1
Benson, Reuel Homeopathic Nursery Manual 1
Berjeau, Jean The Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Etc. 1
Bernard, Henri The Homeopathic Treatment of Constipation 1
Bhatia, V. R. Influenza and its Homoeopathic Treatment 1
Bidwell, Glen How to use the Repertory with a practical analysis of forty homoeopathic Remedies 1
Blackie, Margery A Comparison of Arsenicum, Nitricum Acidum, Hepar, Sulphur and Nux Vomica 1
Blackwood, Alexander A Manual of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacology with clinical Index 1
Blackwood, Alexander Diseases of the Heart 1
Blackwood, Alexander Diseases of the Kidneys and Nerves 1
Blackwood, Alexander Diseases of the Liver, Pancreas and Ductless Glands 1
Blackwood, Alexander The Food Tract: Its Ailments and Disease of the Peritoneum 1
Boenninghausen, Clemens von The Lesser Writings 1
Boericke, William Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica 1
Boericke, William The Development of Homoeopathy. Presented by Julian Winston 1
Boericke, William and Dewey, Willis The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schuessler 1
Boger, C.yrus Boenninghausens’s Characteristics and Repertory 1
Boger, Cyrus Synoptic Key 1
Boger, Cyrus The Study of Materia Medica and taking the Case 1
Bond, Annette The Homeopathic Proving of Tungsten 1
Bonnerot and Fortier-Bernoville Ulcer of the Stomach and Duodenum. [Translated from French by Rajkumar Mukerji] 1
Borland, Douglas Children’s Types 1
Borland, Douglas Digestive Drugs 1
Borland, Douglas Homeopathy For Mother and Infant 1
Borland, Douglas Influenzas 1
Borland, Douglas Pneumonias 1
Borland, Douglas Some Emergencies of General Practice 1
Borland, Douglas The Treatment of Certain Heart Conditions by Homeopathy 1
Bouko-Levy Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory 1
British Homoepathic Journal – 1911, 1912, 1913 19
Buck, H. The Outlines of Materia Medica and a clinical Dictionary 1
Burnett, James Curability of Cataract 1
Burnett, James Curability of Tumours by Medicines 1
Burnett, James Delicate, Backward, Puny and Stunted Children 1
Burnett, James Diseases of the Skin [3th Ed.] 1
Burnett, James Diseases of the Spleen 1
Burnett, James Diseases of the Veins 1
Burnett, James Enlarged Tonsils cured by Medicine 1
Burnett, James Fevers and Blood Poisonings 1
Burnett, James Fifty Reasons for being a Homeopath 1
Burnett, James Gold as a Remedy in Diseases 1
Burnett, James Gout and its Cure 1
Burnett, James Natrum Muriaticum 1
Burnett, James On Fistula and its Radical Cure by Medicines 1
Burnett, James On Neuralgia [2nd Ed.] 1
Burnett, James Organ Diseases of Women 1
Burnett, James Ringworm 1
Burnett, James The Change of Life in Women 1
Burnett, James The Diseases of the Liver [2nd Ed.] 1
Burnett, James The New Cure of Consumption by its Own Virus [Reprint 4th Ed.] 1
Burnett, James Tumours of the Breast 1
Burnett, James Vaccinosis 1
Burt, William Characteristic Materia Medica 1
Burt, William Physiological Materia Medica 1
Chatterjee, T. P. Fundamentals of Homeopathy and valuable Hints vor Practice 1
Chatterjee, T. P. Hints on homeopathic Practice and Children’s Diseases 1
Chatterjee, T. P. My memorable Cures 1
Chatterjee, T. P. My Random Notes on Some Homeopathic Remedies Reprint 1
Chatterji, A. N. Three in One 1
Chauhan, R. Expressive Drug Pictures of Homoeopathic Materia Medica [Vol. 1+2] 2
Choudhuri, N. A Study on Materia Medica and Repertory 1
Choudhury, Harimohon 50 Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice 1
Choudhury, Harimohon Hints for Treatment of Cancer 1
Clarke, A. Decachords 1
Clarke, John Bird’s Eye View – A Lecture on Organon of Medicine 1
Clarke, John Catarrh, Colds and Influenzas 1
Clarke, John Cholera, Diarrhoea and Dysentery 1
Clarke, John Constitutional Medicine with especial Reference to the three Constitutions of von Grauvogl 1
Clarke, John Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica [Vol. 1-3] 3
Clarke, John Diseases of the Heart and Arteries 1
Clarke, John Grand Characteristics of Materia Medica 1
Clarke, John Gunpowder as a War Remedy 1
Clarke, John Haemorrhoids and habitual Constipation 1
Clarke, John Homeopathy explained 1
Clarke, John Indigestion – Its Causes and Cure 1
Clarke, John Non surgical Treatment of Diseases of the Glands and Bones 1
Clarke, John Radium is in internal Remedy 1
Clarke, John The Cure of Tumours by Medicines 1
Clarke, John The Prescriber [6th Ed.] 1
Clarke, John The Therapeutics of Cancer 1
Clarke, John Therapeutics of the Serpent Poisons 1
Clarke, John Whooping Cough cured with Coqueluchin 1
Cleveland, Charles Salient Materia Medica and Therapeutics 1
Close, Stuart The Genius of Homeopathy. Lectures and Essays on homeopathic Philosophy 1
Cowperthwaite, Allen Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 1
Dewey, Willis Essentials of homeopathic Materia Medica 1
Dewey, Willis Practical homeopathic Therapeutics 1
Digby, Berkeley Lac Caninum 1
Dominici, G., Gulia, P. and Pitari, G. Etna Lava – Proving Symptomatology and Clinical Results 1
Douglass, Melford Pearls of Homeopathy 1
Douglass, Melford Skin Diseases 1
Dransfield, Gill The homoeopathic Proving of Spectrum 1
Dudgeon, Robert Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Homeopathy 1
Duncan, T. C. Hand Book on the Diseases of the Heart and their homeopathic Treatment 1
Dunham, Carroll Lectures on Materia Medica 1
Dunham, Carroll Symptoms, their Study or ‚How to take the Case‘ 1
Dunham, Carroll The Science of Therapeutics. A Collection of Papers 1
English, Mary Proving of Naufragium Helvetia 1
English, Mary The homeopathic Proving of ‚Calculus Orbis‘ – Stanton Drew Stone Circle 1
English, Mary The homeopathic Proving of ‚Ruina Castellum‘ – Old Wardour Castle 1
Ennis, Sylvia The Natural Choica Sickle Cell 1
Epps, John Domestic Homoeopathy: Rules For the domestic Treatment of the Maladies of Infants, Children 1
Farrington, Ernest Clinical Materia Medica 1
Farrington, Ernest Comparisons in Materia Medica with therapeutic Hints 1
Farrington, Ernest Therapeutics Pointers and Lesser Writings with some clinical Cases 1
Farrington, Harvey Homeopathy and homeopathic Prescribing 1
Fayazuddin, M. Hypericum – A Study 1
Fayazuddin, M. Surgeon’s Friends in Homeopathy. Arnica Montana 1
Fayazuddin, M. Surgeon’s Friends in Homeopathy. Succus Calendula 1
Fisher, Charles Homeopathy in obstetric Emergencies 1
Fortier-Bernoville, Maurice What we must not do in Homeopathy [Translated From French by R. K. Mukerji] 1
Foubister, Donald Homeopathy and Pediatrics 1
Foubister, Donald The Carcinosin Drug Picture 1
Foubister, Donald The Significance of past History in homeopathic Prescribing 1
Fraser, Peter Proving of Pavo Cristatus 1
Gallavardin, Jean-Pierre Plastic Medicine homeopathic Treatment 1
Gallavardin, Jean-Pierre Repertory of Psychic Medicines with Materia Medica 1
Gaskin, A. Comparative Study on Kent’s Materia Medica 1
Geary, Mary A homoeopathic Proving of Pteridium Aquilinum 1
Gibson, Douglas Elements of Homeopathy 1
Gibson, Douglas Fear and Homeopathy 1
Gilchrist, J. G. The homoeopathic Treatment of surgical Diseases 1
Granier, Michel Conferences Upon Homoeopathy 1
Grauvogl, Eduard von Text Book of Homoeopathy [Part 1-2] 2
Gray, Bill and Shore, Jonathan Seminar Burgh Haamstede [Netherlands] April 1989 1
Griffiths, Lisa and Geary, Mary Homeopathic Provings of Bracken 1
Grimes, M. New proving of Meteorite: Fax caelestis allende 1
Grimmer, Arthur The Collected Works 1
Grimmer, Arthur H. and Fortier-Bernoville, Maurice Homoeopathic Treatment of Cancer [1st Indian Ed.] 1
Grinney, Tony A Proving of Thiosinamine 1
Guernsey, Egbert Homoeopathic domestic Practice. [9th Ed.] 1
Guernsey, Henry Application of Principles of Homeopathy to Obstetrics 1
Guernsey, H. N. Keynotes to the Materia Medica 1
Guernsey, William The homeopathic Therapeutics of Haemorrhoids – Materia Medica Part 1
Gunavante, S. M. The „Genius“ of homeopathic Remedies 1
Gupta, A. K. The Problem Child and Homeopathy 1
Gupta, R. L. Directory of Disease and Cures in Homeopathy [Vol. 1 2
Haehl, Richard Samuel Hahnemann: His Life and Work. [Vol. 1+2] 2
Hahnemann, Samuel Lesser Writings Hahnemann 1
Hahnemann, Samuel Materia Medica Pura 2
Hahnemann, Samuel Organon of Medicine 1
Hahnemann, Samuel The chronic Diseases, their peculiar Nature and their homoeopathic Treatment 2
Hahnemannian Advocate – 1896, 1897, 1898 (36 Vol.) 36
Hahnemannian Monthly 43
Hale, Edwin Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies – Vol I – Special Symptomatology 1
Hale, Edwin Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies – Vol 2 – Special Therapeutics 1
Hale, Edwin The Characteristics of the New Remedies [3rd Ed.] 1
Hale, Edwin The Medical, Surgical, and Hygienic Treatment of Disease of Women, esp. those causing Sterility 1
Hansel, Jürgen Ephedra 1
Hansen, Oscar A Text-Book of Materia Medica of rare homeopathic Remedies: 1
Harndall, J. S. Homoeopathy in veterinary Practice 1
Hart, Charles Therapeutics of nervous Diseases 1
Hatherly, Patricia A Proving of Cadmium Metallicum 1
Hatherly, Patricia C4 Trituration of Lac Humanum 1
Hawkes, W. J. Characteristic Indications for prominent Remedies 1
Helmuth, William Surgery and its Adaptation to homoeopathic Practice 1
Hempel, Charles A new and comprehensive System of Materia Medica [Vol. 1-2] 2
Hering, Constantine Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica (Vol. 1-10) 10
Hering, Constantine The homeopathic domestic Physician 1
Hill, B. L. and Hunt, J. G. The homeopathic Practice of Surgery, together with operative Surgery 1
Hind, Jai Chronic Diseases and Theory of Miasms – Team of experienced Teachers 1
Homeopathic Club of Prague Collection of Provings 1
Houghton J., Halahan E. The homeopathic Proving of Lac Humanum 1
Hoyne, Temple Clinical Therapeutics [Vol. 1-2] 2
Hughes, Richard A Manual of Therapeutics: According to the Method of Hahnemann 1
Hughes, Richard Manual of Pharmacodynamics 1
Hughes, R., Dake J. P. Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogenesy [Vol. 1-4] 4
Hutchison, John Seven-Hundred redline Symptoms 1
International Hahnemannian Association 41
International homoeopathic Research Trust 1
Jahr, Georg Forty Years of Practice [Translated with Notes and new Remedies, by Charles J. Hempel, M.D.] 1
Jahr, Georg Homoeopathic Treatment of Diseases of Females and Infants at the Breast 1
Jahr, Georg The venereal Diseases, their pathological Nature, correct Diagnosis and homeopathic Treatment 1
Jithesh, T. Proving of Sida Alnifolia 1
Jollyman, N. W. Asthma – Causes, Types & homeopathic Treatment 1
Jones, Eli Cancer: Its Causes, Symtoms and Treatment 1
Joshi, Bhawisha Proving of Xanthoxyllum Fraxineum 1
Julian, Othon Materia Medica of new homeopathic Remedies 1
Julian, Othon Materia Medica of Nosodes with Repertory 1
Kamthan, P. S. Cancer – Curable under homoeopathic Treatment 1
Kamthan, P. S. Homeopathic Therapy of Gout, Arthritis and Rheumatism 1
Kamthan, P. S. How Homeopathy cures Mania, Melancholia and Madness 1
Kamthan, P. S. How to Cure Headache, Facial Neuralgia, Glaucoma, Toothache Etc. 1
Kamthan, P. S. Remedies for Pain & Warts 1
Kamthan, P. S. Remedies for Skin and Bone Diseases 1
Kamthan, P. S. Specific Remedies for Respiratory, Cardiac and Urinary Diseases 1
Kamthan, P. S. The Female Prescriber 1
Kamthan, P. S. The haemorrhage Controller 1
Kamthan, P. S. The homoeopathic First Aid Prescriber 1
Kansal, Kamal Homeopathic Treatment – Constipation 1
Kansal, Kamal Homeopathic Treatment – Dental Diseases 1
Kansal, Kamal Homeopathic Treatment – Pet Animals 1
Kansal, Kamal Homoeopathic Treatment – Diabetes Mellitus 1
Kansal, Kamal The Biochemics 1
Kent, James Kent Lectures on homeopathic Philosophy 1
Kent, James Lectures on homeopathic Materia Medica [4th Ed.] 1
Kent, James New Remedies, Clinical Cases, Lesser Writings 1
Kent, James The Dunham Lectures 1
Kent, James Use of the Repertory – How to study the Repertory 1
Kent, James What the Doctor needs to know in order to make a succesfull Prescription 1
Kerschbaumer, Werner A homeopathic Proving of the whole Plant of the indigenous South African Herb Harpagophy 1
Klein, Louis Carbon Dioxide 1
Klein, Louis Coriandrum Proving 1
Klein, Louis Helodrilus Caliginosus – Information and Synopsis of a new Proving 1
Klein, Louis The Proving of Vanilla Planifolia 1
Klein, Louis The Toxicology of Loxosceles reclusa – The Brown Recluse Spider 1
Klein, L. and Mantewsiwich, E. Hahnemanian Proving of Argentum Sulphuricum 1
Klotzsch, Brigitta Proving of Python Regia 1
Knerr, Calvin Drug Relationship 1
König, Peter and Santos, Uta Convallaria 1
König, Peter and Santos, Uta Dream Proving of Rhododendron Chrysantum 1
Krishna, Kumar P. Talks on Poisons, Metals Acids & Nosodes used as homeopathic Medicines 1
Krishna, Kumar P. The Man, Sexual Problems and their Cure 1
Krishna, Kumar P. The Women, Female Problems and their Cure 1
Krishnamurthy, V. K. Homeopathy in Accidents and Injuries 1
Kulkarni, V. Gynecology and Obstetrics 1
Laurie, Joseph An Epitome of the homeopathic domestic Medicine 1
Laurie, Joseph The homoeopathic domestic Medicine [Vol. 1-2] 2
Le Roux, Patricia Lac Caninum, Remedy of Ailments from Child sexual Abuse 1
Le Roux, Patricia The Acids 1
Leeser, Otto Homeopathic Materia Medica. [Translated by Boyd L. J.] 1
Lilienthal, Samuel Homeopathic Therapeutics [2nd Ed.] 1
Lippe, Adolph von Keynotes and red Line Symptoms of the Materia Medica 1
Lippe, Adolph von Keynotes of the homeop. Materia Medica 1
Lippe, Adolph von Text Book of Materia Medica 1
Lucas, Joy Proving of Leonurus Cardiaca 1
Macfarlan, Donald Concise Pictures of dynamised Drugs: Personally Proven 1
Majumdar, P. C. Appendicitis curable by Medicine 1
Malhotra, H. C. Care and TreatmentFistula, Piles 1
Malhotra, H. C. Menses and Health [A Lady’s Manual of homeopathic Care] 1
Master, Farokh A Proving of Moccasin Snake [Toxicophis] 1
Master, Farokh Agitated Argentums 1
Master, Farokh Ammoniums: the Sour Prunes 1
Master, Farokh Bed-Wetting [Enuresis] 1
Master, Farokh Bitis Arietans – A homoeopathic Proving 1
Master, Farokh Diseases of the Skin [Including of Exanthemata] 1
Master, Farokh Hair Loss Repertory 1
Master, Farokh Homeopathic Treatment of acute cardio-cespiratory Failure 1
Master, Farokh Homeopathy in Cancer 1
Master, Farokh Homeopathy in Cervical Spondylosis 1
Master, Farokh Homoepathic Dictionary of Dreams 1
Master, Farokh Lycopodium 1
Master, Farokh Mysterious Thuja 1
Master, Farokh Naja Naja Naja [1st Ed.] 1
Master, Farokh Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind 1
Master, Farokh Sandy Silicea 1
Master, Farokh Snakes in homeopathic Grass 1
Master, Farokh St-Ignatius Bean 1
Master, Farokh Suppressed Staphysagria 1
Master, Farokh Sycotic Shame 1
Master, Farokh The bed side Organon of Medicine 1
Master, Farokh The fascinating Fungi 1
Master, Farokh The State of Mind that affects Foetus 1
Master, Farokh The Web Spinners 1
Master, Farokh Tubercular Miasm Tuberculins [Simplified and Explained] [2nd Ed.] 1
Master, Farokh Tumours and Homoeopathy 1
Mathew, George Proving of Phyllanthus Amarus 1
Mathur, K. N. Diabetes Mellitus. Its Diagnosis & Treatment 1
Mathur, K. N. Systematic Materia Medica of homoeopathic Remedies [1st Ed.] 1
Mathur, P. P. Common Infectious Diseases with Therapeutic & Repertory in Homeopathy 1
Medical Advance – 1889, Vol XXII, Vol XIII 83
Megens/Rutten (Hrg.) Samuel Keynotes 1
Moffat, John Homoeopathic Therapeutics in Ophthalmology 1
Mohanty, Niranjan Text Book of homeopathic Materia Medica 1
Moiloa, Motlhabane Materia Medica of Leucas Capensis 1
Moore, James Dog Diseases treated by Homeopathy 1
Morgan, John Hadrian’s Wall 1
Morgan, John The Proving of Pearl taken from the common Mussel 1
Morgan, William Diabetes Mellitus [Its History, Chemistry, Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology and Treatment] 1
Morgan, William Diphteria [Its History, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment] 1
Morgan, William Homoeopathic Treatment of Indigestion, Constipation and Haemorrhoids 1
Morgan, William The Signs and concomitant Derangements of Pregnancy 1
Morrison, Roger Seminar [Part 1] – Burgh Haamstede [Netherlands] Sept 1987 1
Morrison, Roger Seminar [Part 2] – Burgh Haamstede [Netherlands] Sept 1988 1
Morrison, Roger and Herrick, Nancy Seminar [Part 3] – Leystad [Netherlands] November 1991 1
Mount, S. J. L. Migraine 1
Nash, Eugene Expanded Works of Nash 1
Nash, Eugene Leaders for the use of Sulphur 1
Nash, Eugene Leaders in respiratory Organs 1
Nash, Eugene Leaders in typhoid Fever 1
Nash, Eugene Regional Leaders [2nd Ed.] 1
Nash, Eugene The Testimony of the Clinic 1
Norland, Misha Cladonia Rangiferina – The homeopathic Proving of Reindeer Moss 1
Norland, Misha Collected Provings 1
Norland, Misha and Fraser, Peter Buckyballs – The homeopathic Proving of Carbo Fullerenum 1
Norland, Misha and Fraser, Peter Galium Aparine – The homeopathic Proving of Cleavers or Goosegrass 1
Norland, Misha and Fraser, Peter Vulcanized Rubber – The homeopathic Proving of Latex Vulcani 1
North American Journal of Homoeopathy 6
Norton, A. B. Ophthalmic Diseases and Therapeutics 1
O’Connor, Joseph The american homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia [2nd Ed.] 1
Olsen, Steven Pinus Contorta – A hahnemanian Proving with Case Studies 1
Olsen, Steven Trees and Plants that Heal 1
Organon – 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881 13
Ortega, Sanchez Proceso Notes on the Miasms 1
Ostrom, Homer Leucorrhoea and other Varieties of gynaecological Catarrh 1
Owen, Jonice Strontium Carbonicum – The Proving 1
Pacific Coast Journal of Homoeopathy – 1937 9
Paige, H. W. Diseases of the Lungs, Bronchi and Pleura 1
Palsule, S. G. Asthma and Blood Pressure 1
Palsule, S. G. Dentistry and Homeopathy 1
Palsule, S. G. Homeopathic Treatment for E. N. T. Diseases 1
Panda, B. Significance of Dreams in homoeopathic Prescribing 1
Paterson, John The Bowel Nosodes 1
Paul, S. Skin Therapeutics 1
Pavri, Sharukh Essentials of Diabetes Mellitus & its Treatment by Homoeopathy 1
Peters, John A Complete Treatise on Headaches and Diseases of the Head 1
Peters, John A Treatise on the Inflammatory and Organic Diseases of the Brain 1
Petersen, Fred Materia Medica and clinical Therapeutics 1
Phatak, S. R. Materia Medica of homoeopathic Medicines 1
Phelan, Richard Inaugural Dissertation on Therapeutics. Presented by Julian Winston 1
Pitt, Richard A new Proving of Petroleum 1
Pitt, Richard Tobacco: An Exploration of its Nature through the Prist of Homeopathy 1
Poirier, Jean Homeopathic Treatment of the Diseases of Heart 1
Pulford, Alfred Homoeopathic Materia Medica of graphic Drug Pictures and clinical Comments 1
Pulford, Alfred Homeopathoc Leaders in Pneumonia 1
Quinquenial Homeopathic International Congress – 1927 3
Rajagopalarao, P. Most Valuable Tips from Masters of Homeopathy 1
Ramseyer, A. A. Rademacher’s Universal & Organ Remedies 1
Rastogi, D. P. Homeopathic Gems 1
Rastogi, D. P. Some Case Reports 1
Rastogi, D. P. Use of indigenous and other Remedies in Homeopathy as Home Remedies 1
Raue, Charles Diseases of Children 1
Rawat, P. S. Homeopathy in Acne and Alopecia 1
Rawat, P. S. Homeopathy in Angina Pectoris 1
Riley, David Collected Provings 1
Risquez, F. Psychiatry and Homeopathy 1
Robbins, Phillip Evolving Homeopathy. Towards a Developmental Approach to Homeopathy 1
Robbins, Phillip Sol Proving 1
Roberts, Herbert Sensations as If 1
Roberts, Herbert The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy – A Modern Textbook 1
Roberts, Herbert The Rheumatic Remedies 1
Roberts, Herbert The Spider Poisons 1
Roberts, Herbert The Study of Remedies by Comparison 1
Roberts, H. and Wilson, A.C. The Principles and Practicability of Boenningshausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book 1
Rollin, R. G. An Illustrated Repertory of Pains in Chest, Sides and Back: their Direction and Character, Con 1
Rosenbaum, P. et al. Lapis Lazuli, A Proving. A Pathogenesy developed by the Team of Escola Paulista De Homeopatia 1
Ross, Moya and Campbell, Sarah The Homeopathic and Meditative Proving of Emerald 1
Rossetti, Luiz Lepidoptera Saturniidae 1
Rowe, Todd A Proving of Alligator Mississipensis 1
Rowe, Todd A Proving of Argemone Pleicantha 1
Rowe, Todd A Proving of Larrea Tridentata (Creosote) 1
Rowe, Todd A Proving of Roadrunner 1
Rowe, Todd A Proving of Turquoise 1
Rowe, Todd Carnegia Gigantea A Proving of Saguaro Cactus 1
Rowe, Todd Cathartes Aura: A Proving of Turkey Vulture 1
Rowe, Todd Heloderma Suspectum Proving 1
Rowe, Todd Urolophus Halleri: a Proving of Round Stingray 1
Royal, George Textbook of homeopathic Materia Medica 1
Ruddock, Edward Homeopathic Treatment of Infants and Children 1
Ruddock, Edward The Common Diseases of Children 1
Ruddock, Edward The Common Diseases of Women 1
Ruddock, Edward The Pocket Manual of homeopathic veterinary Medicine [1st Ed.] 1
Rush, John The Handbook of Veterinary Homoeopathy 1
Santos, Uta Homeopathic Proving of Adeps Boae Constrictoris 1
Santwani, M. T. Common Ailments of Children and their homeopathic Management 1
Satya, Paul Analogy of Pain 1
Savulescu, G.and Crump, S. Proving Quercus Robur 1
Schadde, Anne Proving of Ozone 1
Schadde, A. and Hansel, J. Listening to Stone, Wood and Shell 1
Scheepers, Léon The Proving of Insulinum Humanum 1
Scheepers, Léon The Proving of Lobelia Cardinalis 1
Schmidt, Pierre Defective Illnesses 1
Schmidt, Pierre The Art of Case Taking 1
Schmidt, Pierre The Art of Interrogation 1
Schmidt, Pierre The Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon 1
Schwartz, W. H. The homoeopathic Treatment of Wounds and Injuries 1
Shore, Jonathan Seminar Glasgow [Scotland] April 1989 1
Shore, Jonathan Seminar Glasgow [Scotland] April 1990 1
Shore, Jonathan Seminar Hapert [Netherlands] April 1991 1
Shore, Jonathan Seminar Hapert [Netherlands] September 1990 1
Shreedharan, C. K. A Concise Materia Medica & Repertory of Nosodes 1
Singh, Sapuran Hering’s Model Cures 1
Sivaraman, M. S. Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma 1
Sivaraman, P. Asthma cured with homeopathic Medicines 1
Sivaraman, P. Dreams and their homeopathic Medicines 1
Sivaraman, P. Ear, Nose and Throat: Troubles cured with Homoepathy 1
Sivaraman, P. Epilepsy cured with homeopathic Medicines 1
Sivaraman, P. Haemorrhoids cured by homeopathic Medicines 1
Skinner, Thomas Homoeopathy in its Relation to the Diseases of Females or Gynaecology 1
Sonz, S. and Stewart, R. The Proving of Musca Domestica 1
Souk-Aloun, P. 2nd Proving of Propranolol 30 Ch 1
Souk-Aloun, P. Building Up of the Materia Medicas and the Repertories 1
Souk-Aloun, P. Pathogenesis of Brucella Melitensis and Melitococcinum 1
Souk-Aloun, P. Provings of the French Comite D´Experimentation Homéopathique 1
Stephenson, James Hahnemannian Provings – A Materia Medica and Repertory 1924-195 1
Sudarshan, S. R. Homepathic Treatment of non-malarial Fevers 1
Sukumaran, N. Main Symptoms of Heart Problems 1
Swayanadan, K. R. Intestinal Worms 1
Teste, Alphonse The Homeopathic Materia Medica 1
Tiraspolski, I. and Timofeeva, T. Curdlipid – New Monocomponent Homeopathic Remedy 1
Tiwari, Shashi Homoeopathy and Child Care: Principles, Therapeutics, Children’s Type, Repertory 1
Transactions of the hom. Medical Society of the State of New York – 1913 9
Transactions of World Congress of hom. Physicians and Surgeons – 1893 May/June 1
Tyler, Margaret Acute Conditions, Injuries 1
Tyler, Margaret Different Ways of Finding the Remedy 1
Tyler, Margaret Drosera 1
Tyler, Margaret Hahnemann’s Conception of Chronic Disease, as caused by parasitic Micro-Organisms 1
Tyler, Margaret Pointers to the common Remedies 1
Tyler, Margaret Repertorizing 1
Varma, P. N., Vaid V Encyclopaedia of homeopathic Pharmacopoeia [Vol. 1 & 2] 2
Varma, P. N., Vaid V. Side Effects 1
Wadia, S. R. Homeopathic Cures Asthma 1
Wadia, S. R. Homoeopathy in Children’s Diseases 1
Wadia, S. R. Leucoderma, its homeopathic Treatment 1
Wadia, S. R. Tonsillites cured by Homeopathy 1
Ward, James Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations as if – Part 1 – Pathogenetic 1
Ward, James Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations as if – Part 2 – Clinical 1
Wheeler, C. Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Medicine 1
Woods, Fergie Essentials of homeopathic Prescribing 1
Woodward, A. Constitutional Therapeutics 1
Wright, Craig Bitis Arietans Arietans and its Venom 1
Wright-Hubbard, Elizabeth A brief Study Course in Homeopathy 1
Yingling, William The Accoucheurs Emergency Manual 1

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