Bundle English Repertories (17 repertories)


Bundle English Repertories (17 repertories)

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– Bhatvia, V.R.: Miniature Repertory of Remedies in Common Cold
– Boger, C.M.: Characteristics and Repertory
– Boger, C.M.: Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
– Boger, C.M.: General Analysis
– Boericke, O.E.: Repertory in Pocket Manual
– Choudury, H.: Hints for the Treatment of Cancer
– Clarke, J.H.: Clinical repertory
– Drake, O.M.: Repertory of Warts and Condylomata
– Foster, J.: Toothache and its Cure
– Jefferson Guernsey: Repertory of Haemorrhoids
– Master, F.J.: Hair Loss
– Phatak, S.R.: Concise Repertory
– Pulford, A. and T.D.: Repertory of Pneumonia
– Roberts, H.A.: Sensations As if
– Sudarshan, S.R.: Repertory of non malarial Fevers
– Sukumaran, N.: Main Symptoms of Heart Problems
– Ward, J.W.: Sensations As if